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Our remit was to create a suite of six commercials, all designed to be re-edited for different usages, to provide the client with year of advertising material.

Previous campaigns had been highly successful direct response. However this approach was losing its effectiveness, so the agency felt a brand-building campaign was the next step. Just had to make sure it sold a lot of windows.

Director Olly Reid designed Ronnie the Robot to be the perfect balance of lovability, child-like wonder, humour and nostalgia. John Lewis commercials were a quality benchmark, so Olly brought DOP Toby Howell to the project, with whom he’d collaborated before. Flaunt commissioned Agile Films to put together a live action production team in London for a two-day shoot.

The project benefited greatly from the expertise of new sister company, AxisVFX. Their wealth of compositing experience ensured the post process ran smoothly, and quality was as high as our target.