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Goodgame Empire

Flaunt has created three global TV spots for Goodgame’s Empire. Director Abed Abonamous worked closely with Anton Borkel at Goodgame on everything from ideas generation to final delivery. We represented the three main player types with a king each: one for the warriors, one for the alliance makers and one for the builders. Then to make it funny, we showed what you’d see on ground level if people were controlled by these towering gods.

Empire art up to that point had evolved organically, mostly in 2d, so first task was to craft a world aesthetic that the client could own. We teamed Abed up with Art Director Tony Holmsten and CGI Lead Ewan Wright. By the end of the first ad, set in a desert, a set of rules had emerged that told us how to deal with the subsequent mountain and forest environments. High quality and massive detail were essential for repeat viewings and to communicate a sense of premium.

Picture was created entirely in house in Glasgow. We commissioned The Works for music, Wave Studios for sound design and ID Audio and nhb Hamburg to handle the voice overs, in German and English. The campaign will roll out globally in 2015, on both TV and web channels.