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Mikkel Sommer - Eric The EpicDana Dorian - Age of Empires OnlineScott K Macdonald - Eric The Epic


Flaunt Productions is all about the fun side of animation. For 17 years, the studio has created big, bold character animation for some strikingly colourful roller coaster adventures.

We’re a band of directors, writers, illustrators, doodlers and daydreamers working across big screen, small screen, online, long-format, short-format, Flash, motions comics, 3D, VFX – whatever the project, we work to give it the bespoke Flaunt touch.

Our content is loud and unique. We create characters and stories that people want to watch – and with the power of Axis Studios behind us, we’re as flexible as we need to be in making that happen, powering the charm and humour of our artist’s imagination with some seriously powerful technology.

Come to us with your idea; we’ll plant that seed and grow it into something with amazing creative potential.

At Flaunt, your imagination is our business.