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We make stylised character animation for games, commercials, broadcast and digital.

Every project is bespoke, but there is a common thread: our clients want to grab attention. Quality design, immersive stories and resonant characters enable this. Our worlds must lodge in minds, pull people back for more.

We place huge value on the project start. That might involve coming up with a simple, strong idea, designing an iconic character or developing a killer treatment. To that end, we’ve pooled an army of directors, writers, concept artists, illustrators and ideas people, who together with our clients, build the best possible foundations.

After that it’s all about great execution. Aside from our roster of external talent, Flaunt is sister to Axis Animation, the internationally acclaimed CGI studio, and now AxisVFX. We’ve made content for games, commercials, broadcast, print and digital, with techniques ranging from simple Flash to motion comic to full 3D and VFX. 

The studio was founded by four artists who still run the place 14 years on. We assess every new project on creative potential - if we don’t think we can do a great job, it’s not for us.

It's a rollercoaster time to work in our industry, with new companies and technologies popping up monthly. Flaunt helps brands to speak boldly and uniquely, with content that people want to watch.